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Our sustainable approach protects what matters: People & environment

Sustainability for us means …

Protecting the environment

As a glass producer we are proud of the fact that glass is the perfect packaging material: It is made from 100% natural materials, is sustainable, infinitely recyclable without losing quality.

Compared to other packaging materials, glass does not pollute the environment.

It is inert, which means that glass containers will not react to their contents, and do not contaminate them with hazardous substances.

Thus, glass packaging protects both the content and the consumers. It is also beautiful! We dedicate ourselves to being environmentally friendly whilst producing innovative, safe and exciting products.

Social responsibility

Stoelzle employees are fascinated by glass. This passion is alive and is evident in the daily work carried out by our employees, from executive management to the operators on the lines. Our employee-focused approach is driven by the leadership principles of the “5 Ts” (trust – transparency – target driven – teamwork – talent research). We set a high value on ethical behavior both internally with our employees and in cooperation with business partners.

Being a sustainable partner for our stakeholders

Thanks to the successful growth of the Stoelzle Glass Group and its 4 strategic business units, stakeholders can trust Stoelzle as a reliable business partner that demonstrates respect for nature and its employees.

Corporate management

The top management assumes responsibility for the effectiveness of the environmental management system and leads by good example.


Our environmental certifications ISO 14001 and ISO 50001 increase and improve the awareness of every individual. Thanks to ongoing training and further education, the topic becomes part of the daily work routine for all employees.


Both noise pollution as well as environmental pollution are reduced or avoided to the absolute best of our ability.

Ecovadis – CSR Ranking

For 2020 the Stoelzle Glass Group was awarded the GOLD status by the renowned Ecovadis platform. According to the strict Ecovadis Methodology, which is based on international sustainability standards such as Global Reporting Initiative, United Nations Global Compact, and ISO 26000, Stoelzle Glass Group ranks within the top 4% of all Glass Manufacturers assessed by Ecovadis.


We actively provide ongoing information to our workforce regarding our environmental principles, thus creating a strong awareness for all aspects surrounding this issue. In particular, the training and ongoing education of our employees as well as health and safety take first priority here.

  • Introduction of a health and safety management system according to ISO 45001 at all locations by 2025
  • Introduction of group-wide guidelines for business ethics
  • ~38,000 training hours per year in the group


We select our partners and suppliers carefully and according to strict guidelines so as to guarantee a sustainable supply chain. This means that our values are also supported and reflected by our suppliers.

  • Transparent group-wide communication with the customer via SEDEX and ECOVADIS
  • Standardised supplier audits based on ecological and social criteria
  • Expansion of the business ethics to the entire supply chain by means of a code of conduct for suppliers

Protecting resources

In the glass industry especially, a responsible use of resources is important. With our rooftop photovoltaic system, during peak hours we generate up to 25% of the electricity required at the Köflach location. The efficient use of water is a further important contribution to the protection of the environment. With optimum energy management, we will reduce our ecological footprint. The management of emissions and waste also forms part of our 2025 roadmap. If you have any questions on this matter, please contact Ms. DI (FH) Birgit Schalk (HSE & CSR Management).

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Sustainability report

We regulary publish a sustainability report which draws up an extensive roadmap to attain our targets until 2025. You will find some of our topics here: