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27-10-2020 | General


The word “nutraceutical” is an artificial word – combining “nutrition” and “pharmaceutical”. In general the term nutraceutical is used to describe these medicinally or nutritionally functional foods.

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07-10-2020 | General

Customized bottles for CBD products

Outstanding products deserve unique packaging. Stoelzle has the ideal one-stop-solution for your demand. In addition to our high-quality glass bottles, we can also provide perfectly customized decoration and a broad range of caps and closures.

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24-09-2020 | Company

Well prepared for the next months

Stoelzle has significantly improved all on-site security measures in order to protect our employees, and to minimize the risk to our product and supply chain.

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24-09-2020 | Trade Shows

We are here for you!

Due to the persistent Covid-19 pandemic, personal meetings at trade fairs and business appointments have been restricted to a very limited extent this year.

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07-08-2020 | General, Company

Stoelzle pursues their path towards establishing sustainably long-term success

In our Sustainability Strategy 2025 there’s a clear focus set on energy efficiency, decarbonization and recycling management.

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28-05-2020 | General

Stoelzle supports donation to Caritas Vienna

Stoelzle supports Caritas in Vienna in cooperation with the Austrian company SANY.

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